Sponsor A Child

Emmanuel School is an English Medium school. The children who study here are from poor families who earn on average 30 pounds a month even when both parents are working. There are 2 or 3 children in each family. To give you a glimpse of the cost of living in that area: 1/2 kilo of potatoes, 1/2 kilo of spinach and 1/4 kilo of onions cost 1 pound. The rent for a tiny room and kitchen where a minimum for 4 people live, is  22 pounds p/m. We pay 3.88 GBP or 4.9 USD for a gallon of petrol.

Emmanuel School is currently the only recognized English Medium School in the area. Children are keen to come to school as English has become a necessity in India. This is because 95% of jobs require knowledge of English and a certification of an English Medium of Education for any applicant. However, many cannot afford to go to school and so we are looking for sponsors for the children.

The cost of educating a child is as follows:

(Below amounts in GBP/USD)
Books - 35/45 - This covers textbooks, notebooks and stationery for the child (required in June 2017)
Uniform - 20/30 - This covers two sets of uniform for the child (required in June 2017)
Monthly Fees - 30/40 - This covers the cost of tuition as well as a supplementary diet for the child
Activities - 10/20 - This covers the picnic and annual function costs

The academic year 2017-18 will begin on 19 June 2017. School uniforms and books will be given to children on 26 June 2017.

The sponsor will receive a photo of the child and a write-up giving details of the child and his/her family. As well as this, if the sponsor wishes to, a bi-monthly progress report will be sent. At the end of the year, the sponsor will also receive the annual report and a momentum from the child.

We encourage sponsors to write to the children through the office of Inheritors. Please note, these letters will be screened before they are passed on. We do not encourage direct communication between the sponsor and the child.

Sponsors will need to supply a name, local UK phone number and a complete address. Please note that these details will be kept private and are for the office records. The Trust's office in the UK will contact you. All donations are received by the Inheritors Trust, UK and are then processed and sent to India.

For details of children requiring sponsorship, please write to us at 103, Vali Tower, Indora Chowk, Nagpur - 440 017 or anu@inheritorsintl.org

Inheritors Trust is a charity that is registered both in the UK and in India.