Jars of Cana

Women are an essential part of a family and home and in India, they are often the only parent to care for the children. Many of them leave home at a very young age and are not taught how to look after themselves and their families.

Jars of Cana has been set up to work with the women in the areas that Inheritors works. The name has been derived from the true story of the Wedding at Cana when the Lord turned simple water vessels into jars that contained the finest wine.

Jars of Cana trains women to sew and then provides them an outlet for the clothing and accessories that we teach them to make.

Proceeds from the sale of these items goes towards the work of Inheritors as well as gives back to these women. 

We hold health and hygiene classes for the women as well as teach them how to look after their children and family. English classes are also held for the women. Tailoring classes are held in Nari, Nagpur and we are looking to build a team of women who will work as tailors and take orders for clothes and other items. This will help them meet their financial needs. We also encourage them to seek work to be able to pay for basic necessities and amenities for themselves and the rest of the family.