Emmanuel School

Emmanuel School is a Government Recognized School run in Gumthi, Nagpur.

Founded in 2005, the school catered to the children of the slums of Naari, Nagpur and the surrounding areas. Many who attended were malnourished and sickly. Funds raised for the children were used both to educate and to provide them with nutrition. 

After 10 years in the slums, the school shifted to the village of Gumthi, just outside the city. We were able to raise funds to purchase property for the school and a multi-purpose hall. It is our aim to build an eco-friendly school that in itself will educate the children and parents about the need to save the environment and care for our world. As the first step down this road, in July 2016, we installed 2 shipping containers that have been converted into classrooms for children. This is the first of its type in India. Despite many reservations that people have had because of the extreme weather conditions in Nagpur, we went ahead and have proved that with the right adjustments, the containers are able to withstand the heat and the cold, thus making them a feasible alternative to traditional brick and mortar structures. 

We are currently working towards building up the rest of the school and as well as exploring international education board affiliation. 

The improvement in knowledge and health of the children can be seen as they grow and especially in those who have been with us from the beginning. Many of these children are the only educated members in their families and the impact of this can been seen in the community where they come from.