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Report on the Activities of Inheritors - February 2012

posted Feb 15, 2012, 11:34 PM by Anu Jain
This past year since I wrote, has had its high and low points but as I write, I stand encouraged. Though the year has been slow as far as the construction is concerned and Emmanuel School has had its share of challenges, there has been growth in the work and changes have been seen.

Two new teachers have been appointed in place of those who left. However, there is still a need for qualified and capable teachers as a new class will be added this coming year. The entire school was being held in a single building this past year and with the addition of Std 6 and thus, the growth in number of classes in the school, it has been thought that the primary section be moved to a new premises. A search for a suitable place is underway.

While classes will be held at the new premises, the Sports Day and Annual Christmas Function will continue to encourage the children to participate in the events. Football has been introduced this year.

The Annual Christmas Function drew a larger crowd this year and it is possible that in the coming year, more space will have to be created for the audience. The children performed dances and skits and the chief guest spoke about the meaning of Christmas. The event went smoothly and was greatly appreciated by both the parents and the visitors.

The School Picnic was another highlight of the year. On the 11th of November, the children and teachers took a trip to the Railway Museum at Kadbi Chowk in Nagpur.

Art and Craft competitions were held in September. We are looking into hosting an inter-school art and craft competition for the schools in Naari, facilitate exposure to other children.

Jars of Cana:

The new sewing machines have enabled work with the women to grow. There are currently five women who come every day to learn how to stitch clothes.

Construction in Gumthi:

A room and bathroom have been built on the site in Gumthi. This has been built for a watchman and family. We are in the process of hiring a watchman and should have one soon. In the next two months, drilling for a borewell will be done and a pump will be installed. The front wall and a bridge over the nallah need to be built and we are looking at quotations and funding for the same. 

Medical Camp:

A medical camp was held on 9 February at Naari. 80 people came for general and gynaecological check-ups. We thank Dr Sheela Saha from Daga Hospital, Nagpur and Dr Prakash Jain from Mercy Hospital, Kolkata for giving their time for this.

As the academic year comes to a close, the children in Emmanuel School are gearing up for their final exams.

Thanking you for your support and help.