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Summer 2014

posted May 3, 2014, 3:29 AM by Anu Jain
It's the 3rd of May 2014 and the past few days have been baking hot. Imagine the heat from an oven that's just been opened to take out that freshly cooked dinner... the intense rush of hot air blows into your face... and now think of that heat surrounding you all day... every day... That is Nagpur. A place that seems closer to the Sun than the rest of the Earth. 

But, as I write this, there is a strong wind blowing... a storm is coming... a storm that will blow away the heat and bring the rain with it... a storm that will leave coolness in its aftermath...

This year, because of elections and the early summer, schools closed in April. Many of the kids have gone to their villages and will be back only in June when the school opens. Those who have stayed back are attending summer classes. These extra hours that we have with the children are essential for their growth. They are spending an hour a day learning crochet and two hours with their lessons. They will also begin dance classes next week. Two of the children have chosen to do extra art lessons which are proving to be beneficial to hone their talents.

Hansi is away at the moment and is speaking at Badnera. He will be traveling for the next few weeks to various other places.

Kath is spending time with the children and as the teachers are going on their annual leave, she and Anu will be spending more time teaching and instructing the children.

We are also holding holiday classes for children from other schools and it will be good for the kids of Emmanuel School to get some exposure to children from other parts of society.

There is much happening in the slums of Nagpur and change is coming there.

Look out for more on this in the next post.

For now, please pray with us for the work of Inheritors.

Thanking you for all your prayer and support.