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Family Life: It’s God’s Intentional Design

posted Feb 28, 2012, 2:54 AM by Anu Jain

Hansraj Jain

A young Yale postgrad student after listening to my ‘passionate’ talk on Family, asked me if I could point to the perfect example of a family that he could emulate. For the first time in my years of talking about family I found that every family I knew and every family I admired was an imperfect family. Every person within marriage and as a member of the family was flawed.

Meditating over this flawed relationship that I so ‘passionately’ preached and promoted through seminars, conferences, camps and the lecterns of the Church, colleges (and wherever I am invited!), I realized that the entire narrative about the family life in the Bible POST-FALL! Is it any wonder then that we have only portrayal of flawed filial relationships provided in the Bible?

So, while we have our excuse for imperfection, strain, and broken relationships etc. we also have 2 Corinthians 5:17ff as the standard to match. St. Paul the author tags it as ‘the new creation’. So, there really is no getting away with it, is there? It is Genesis 2: 18-25 all over again, only better this time! Why and how is it better? Because our restoration is post fall experience and it is provided the foundation of Christ and the Church as the model to mentor us! Amazing, And true to the core!! (Ephesians 5;21-6:4)

We, at Inheritors, work with God to promote and empower this dream-project – a wholesome and Christ-like Family on Earth!

(28 February 2012)